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Join the solar movement for a cleaner and more affordable alternative to your utility bill  
Generate electricity through photovoltaic solar energy, a way forward By becoming a producer of  photovoltaic energy or solar energy, you give meaning to your commitment to the planet and you earn money.








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More Info


+ A choice and eco-friendly environment

+ A quiet system that requires little maintenance for outstanding reliability! !


+ Enjoy an inflow of money through your solar system!

+ Do not wait, ask our experts to help you make the appropriate calculations ...


+ Ensure the services of one of the solar PV pioneers

+ Trust VOLTA PV at every stage of your installation


Volta PV's mission is to proliferate the solar photovoltaic (PV) technology in Tunisia and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Basin, Africa and the Middle East. Photovoltaic technology is not new. In Tunisia, there were few facilities in partnership with Europe or Japan as for the illumination of houses away from the network and the desalination of water. The proliferation of this technology has not occurred and has been hampered by two factors: the prohibitive cost of PV system and the difficulty of maintenance for the solar PV is more pointed than solar thermal. To proliferate the solar photovoltaics, PV system cost must be reduced, its design must be simplified and its installation must be accompanied by a maintenance contract.

To do this you need experts ...

Les experts du Photovoltaique